Nuclear Repairs & Decommissioning

We are also specialists in nuclear site work, having undertaken various contracts with nuclear licensed sites across the country. All work undertaken is performed to strict guidelines and procedures laid down in the Ionisation Regulations.

We can help you by de-commissioning radioactive drainage systems, providing concrete repairs to reactor structures, and decontaminate and remediate a site.

These are the services we have provided for many sites, such as Trawsfynydd, Berkeley, Hinkley and Oldbury Power Stations.

ITCS UK LtdNuclear Repairs & Decommissioning
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Environment Oil Containment Works

Manning Construction has over 30 years extensive experience in the design and installation of oil containment systems on National Grid sites across the UK. Approximately 80% of our operatives are trained under the National Grid “Person” and “Competent Person” scheme. We have successfully completed contracts at a vast majority of their sites which proves our strong position to undertake any environmental and oil containment projects.

In recent years Manning Construction have been involved in the Pre-Tender Design & Development of the Oil Containment Contract alongside designers Scott Wilson. The work has included design & installation of new sealed drainage systems, taking into account the individual sites conditions and surroundings. On many sites Manning Construction have worked alongside the Environment Agency to develop the best possible solution with the least disruption to site environments.

The scheme includes design and construction of reinforced concrete bunds to contain the oil-filled plant on site. The bunds are made water tight with suffcient capacity and lined with the Stirling Lloyd Permare EP system, of which Manning Construction are Approved Contractors.

ITCS UK LtdEnvironment Oil Containment Works
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Property Design & Build

Always flexible to the clients design and build requirements, Manning Construction can provide a complete service from land purchase, planning approval and design and build.

Whatever stage of the building process you are at, we have the skills and expertise to help make the project a success. If you are yet to enter the design phase then we can help make the most out of an empty plot or building in need of renovation. Once designs are in place then our team can take care of the building work, whether it is a residential, industrial or commercial property.

Our services don’t stop there. Once construction has been completed then we can provide on-going maintenance work and future refurbishment.
Manning Construction is an all round contractor with a team you can rely on, commitment to our clients is of the highest importance.

Previous projects have included:-

  • Industrial units/warehouses
  • Housing Developments
  • Office Blocks
  • Access roads

A particular project of which we are very proud is the “Award Winning” St. Mary’s Roman Catholic Church in Bridgend. An image of this is shown to the right, it portrays this modern building is constructed to the highest possible standard and focuses on the quality and craftsmanship that our company produces.

ITCS UK LtdProperty Design & Build
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Civil Engineering

Civil engineering has been a core activity of Manning Construction, and represents a high percentage of our work.
The civil works we undertake include:

  • Earthworks, drainage and foundations
  • Demolition
  • Road works
  • Sewage and water treatment works
  • Industrial/process buildings
  • High voltage electrical substations
ITCS UK LtdCivil Engineering
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